Thursday, November 4, 2010

Norma Murphy Returns to ArtSource

       Renowned painter Norma Murphy has returned to ArtSource! Murphy has work as a professional artist for over 50 years and has developed her signature style and a technical process, involving the use of various paper materials and acrylics, which she uses to create a three dimensional, multi-textural world on canvas that is all her own.
       Murphy's inspiration is drawn from her rural Appalachian upbringing and childhood memories, which come to life in her imaginative interior scenes, often featuring female figures in beautiful floral dresses, and her wonderful landscapes. Murphy has a long history of solo exhibitions and has participated in a plethora of community activities across North Carolina. Her work is featured in private and corporate collections throughout the United States.
       ArtSource is thrilled to have Norma with us again and we invite you to view her work in our gallery, on the web, and at our upcoming 18th annual "Holiday Showcase of Gallery Artists" on Thursday November 19, from 7-9pm.

 The Flower Club
Acrylic Collage

 Tea in Matisse Studio
Acrylic Collage

 Daisies and Lemons
Acrylic Collage

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